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Skincare Packaging: Sustainable & Effective - Mikel Kristi

Skincare Packaging: Sustainable & Effective

Skin Care Packaging… the key to keeping your products working at their highest level!!

At Mikel Kristi Skincare, we combine the purest plant-derived ingredients with leading-edge scientific advancements, to bring you eco-lux products that really work. Our ingredients are globally sourced to find naturally-resilient, nutrient-rich plants that;

Balance, Aide in Increased Cell Turnover, Boost Collagen, Assist in Cellular Repair, and Help Protect From Environmental Stressors.

Each product is expertly designed to work synergistically, simplifying your skin care routine and making it easy to adapt, where ever life may take you. We're committed to crafting an effective luxury skincare line that is botanically-based, cruelty free, sustainable, and put your long-term skin health first. 

So here at MK, we wanted to make certain that we can get these products to you in a way that maintains the efficacy of their active ingredients, uses minimal man made materials so that we are environmentally friendly, and of course the icing on top… has gorgeous packaging as well!! 

And THAT is why we use an airless pump bottle for most of our serums and moisturizers!

An Airless Pump Bottle is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system that utilizes a mechanical pump in a bottle. As you push down on the pump, the disc in the bottle rises to push the product out of the pump. ... Airless packaging helps increase the shelf life of the final product.

Skin care products are using airless packaging more and more often, since air can cause the degradation of certain active ingredients. There are also more natural products in airless packages, which can extend a product’s shelf life, when used in place of some preservatives.

 Other benefits?

  • No Oxidation - Airless Pump Bottles help reduce the amount of oxygen that enters the bottle by not allowing the backflow of oxygen back into the bottle. This is helped by the little tiny hole located at the bottom of the bottle. Instead of the pump pulling back air from the nozzle located at the top of the pump, It pulls air from the hole at the bottom to help push the disc back up without making contact with the product inside.

    According to AirlessBottles.com, This lack of oxygen helps preserve your product shelf life by 15% rather than using typical closures. The fear of not being able to reach the final drop of your product, due to a dip tube is long gone. No more need for closure now with the help of the airless pump technology. 

  •  Less chemicals and preservatives required! - Since Airless Pump Bottles get rid of the fear of oxidation, it is safer to use fewer preservatives within your product. Airless Pumps are nice because no oxygen comes in contact with the product. Also, there is no metal from the neck of dip tubes to contaminate the product. This helps us maintain the standard of our products!  

  • No Gravity - These particular types of containers do not need gravity to dispense the product out of the nozzle. So no matter how you hold the bottle, you never need to worry about it leaking or wasting product when you are almost out!! It will dispense product evenly every time, right until the last drop. So that’s an extra bonus…not a penny of product wasted!

  • Controlled Application - Gone are the days of pumping out too much product and then trying to open the bottle to get the extra product back in because you don’t want to waste a drop!! These bottles regulate your product amount with each pump you take to prevent any waste!

Want to try out Airless Pumps AND get amazing skin? Try our Mikel Kristi Travel Collection and get %20 off with coupon codeTRAVEL0720 at check out! 

The MK Travel Collection provides everything you need to get started with a great skincare regimen and achieve balanced, healthy, beautiful skin. For skin to function optimally there are specific core needs that must be met, no matter what your skin condition. These are Exfoliation, Restoration, and Protection. Our simple, 3 step skincare regimen is formulated with the highest performing bio active ingredients to address these needs. Designed to see visibly smoother, more radiant skin and help maintain long-term skin health at every age.

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Fran Altemose

Fran Altemose

July 08, 2020

This was a wonderful article. I’ve always wondered about the pumps and what they actually did for the product. This answered questions and now I know the products I love are safe and used to their best ability. We love all you do for our skin and it’s nice to know that everything we put on our faces is safe and doing a wonderful job. Wouldn’t dream of using anything else -thank you so much for putting all the love in a bottle along with great ingredients!

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