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Anti-Aging's #1 Rule = Sun Protection

Most of us have grown up with the habit of applying sunscreen when we plan to be outside for long periods, like at the beach, on hikes, or on days by the pool. Many can speak about what an awful sunburn feels like and even the visible damage you can see it doing to your skin when we don't reapply or forget it completely, but we don't always think about what damage is happening daily when we are not using the proper sun protection. Let's get down to the important details to make sure you are making the right choices to protect your skin from our enemy and friend- The Sun.

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Skinimalism is a new buzzword floating around the skin care industry. Google it and you’ll find dozens of articles breaking down the definition of the word. Most simply put, it’s minimalistic skincare…. But not in a way that you should use less and do less for your skin. We are talking about using fabulous skincare products that provide maximum results, all while using fewer products.
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Here’s a question, how many of you want your best skin ever? How many of you want to take your skin health to the next level? 

I can help you with this goal…. and you can actually achieve it!

Here are a few ways we can get you on this path today!

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How to Transition from Summer to Fall Skincare!

Is it nearing Fall already? Temps may still reach the triple digits here in the Desert Southwest, but those cooler mornings are giving us a hint of the season change that is creeping around the corner!
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Summer is here! And as important as it is to take care of your face, your body needs care too! With summer comes heat, salt water, chlorine, and a laundry list of other things that can dry it out. Make sure to give your body the moisturizing love it needs during your nighttime routine! Plus learn about one of our new FAVORITE body products, the MK Restore Body Cream Exfoliant!
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Why not stop hiding your skin’s imperfections and just correct them? OR- just start RIGHT NOW to prevent those concerns that you may face down the road? Having beautiful, makeup-free skin is easier than you think when you use the right power-house ingredients, consistently, to improve your skin’s health and function. 
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Many of my patients come to see me, fondly reminiscing about their younger days of youthful, glowing skin. It was plump, resilient, and supple. They ask me what causes these changes to happen as we age. And the answer is simple.

Have you grown up being told that the number one product to maintain youthful skin is moisturizer? Have you been told that if you use it faithfully, morning and night, all the wrinkles and fine lines will disappear?

Well, I am here to tell you that moisturizer isn’t the answer!

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Sensitive Skin… Everything you need to know!

If sensitive skin plagues you, read today’s blog!! There are many things you can do to avoid irritation and reactions to many popular skin care products. Some easy changes to your routine can make a big difference!

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Faces get ALL the Love! 

For Valentine’s Day, give your body some love too!!

We talk about the importance of a good facial skincare routine on the daily. The importance of using a good gentle face wash, toning your skin to prepare for the nutrient filled products that will be applied next, and finally the necessary daily step...sunscreen! But what are you doing for your body?

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Why what you use and WHEN you use it may just be the MOST crucial part of your daily routine!

Hello beauties!! 2022 is here and with it, I know we all are hoping for health, happiness and LESS pandemic talk!! Well, I am here to share with you some feel good news on taking care of your skin! In my last blog, we talked about easy ways to take care of you in the new year, and I have more easy info for you today that can easily become part of your 2022 new you!

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Hello Beauties! Can you believe the holidays are here!?! 2021 is rounding out with its last couple weeks and a new year will be upon us!! For most, the New Year usually means the time when we make laundry lists of all the things we will do more of (or less of!) and all the promises we swear we are going to make this year that we couldn’t keep last year!

How about making a New Year’s resolution that you can keep?? And it’s an attainable one too!! Take care of your skin!! And do better than you ever have before with the help of truly good skincare. Mikel Kristi Skincare can help you with this resolution, and we can promise you, you’ll succeed if you stick with us!

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