Refreshing Botanical Wash 60 ml

  • Refreshing Botanical Wash 60ml

    Are you looking for an extra boost to your exfoliation and antiaging game without irritation and redness? Do you need to cool down red hot inflamed skin?

    Look no further than our ultra cooling Refreshing Botanical Wash that has all the dynamic ingredients to make your skin calm down, behave, and glow.

    This coconut derived foaming gel wash surrounds your skin with a cool breath of fresh air, powered by the heady botanicals of organic peppermint and spearmint. The inspiration for this cleanser came from the ever present heat of the desert floor. With this muse in mind, we focused on creating a cleanser to cool down and refresh even the most irritated and sluggish of skin types. This cleanser is a must have for those who are interested in perking up their daily routine with a luminous complexion, as well as create a cool head on your shoulders with this exhilarating mix of plant derived goodness.

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