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About Us


Our mission at Mikel Kristi is to empower you to feel your most confident and attractive. We promise to provide you with the most pure, highest quality, plant-based products that have been clinically and scientifically proven to deliver outstanding results.

About Us

At Mikel Kristi, we believe in naturally healthy, beautiful skin. Our products are formulated to restore the skin’s natural health and function using plant-based ingredients that really work. Purity, quality, potency, sustainability and efficacy drive each formulation. Each and every ingredient has been clinically and scientifically proven to be safe and deliver excellent results.

With Mikel Kristi, we are so excited to continue to elevate and innovate our products. We want you to feel so confident and attractive in your skin. Let us help you achieve Your Best Skin.

We are a company that enjoys connecting with our clients. We encourage you to contact us to help you through your skin’s transformation and anti-aging journey.





About Christy

Christy Hall, PA-C, MPAS

My love and passion for aesthetics began in 2004, after moving to Tucson and beginning a career in cosmetic dermatology as a board-certified Physician Assistant. Over the years, I learned so much about skin care, lasers, and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. I also learned what worked and didn’t work and what my patients loved and didn’t love.

Early on, I learned that I was skilled and talented in the art of aesthetics. I fell in love with being able to give my patients results that made them feel more confident and beautiful. I made it my mission and passion to learn as much about the skin and structural aging processes as I could, so that I could deliver natural looking results. I have had the opportunity to train with some of the world’s best injectors and skin care experts. I continue to stay as progressive as possible in all areas of aesthetic medicine.

I first met Michael in 2004 as a patient. We quickly developed a great relationship. I admired his work and skin care expertise. His clients—whom he would refer to me for laser or fillers—always had the most beautiful, healthy skin! Naturally, I was excited to partner with him to create mikel kristi, and take skin care to the next level.

I consider the skin to be my artistic canvas and daily skin care to be one of the most important components of enhancing and maintaining this canvas. Not only do I want to give my patients a more refreshed look in my aesthetic medical practice, I also want them to have smooth, even toned and radiant skin by using an effective daily skin care regimen. Early in my career, we used harsh medical skin care formulations that inflamed and irritated the skin. I’d see some success with these skin care lines, but they were so irritating that patient compliance and consistency were difficult. Even when patients did fully comply I was never satisfied with the texture of their skin. It rarely looked natural. After opening my own aesthetic medical practice, Skin Appeal, in 2013, I was excited to reconnect with Michael and embark on the journey of Mikel Kristi. My patients absolutely love Mikel Kristi products!

My husband, Dave, and I share our lives with two feisty Boston Terrier dogs. In my free time, I love the great outdoors, travel, food and wine. I am an avid trail runner and triathlete with a personal understanding of how detrimental the beauty of nature can be on the skin’s surface.



About Michael

I fell in love with skin care and more specifically, products and ingredients while in aesthetician training over fifteen years ago in California. On the second day of school we had a guest speaker talk with us about the future of skin care products and the importance of pure, quality plant-based ingredients for optimum skin health. I knew within an hour of that presentation that product formulation would become my passion.

After my training and years of practice honing my skills in California and Tucson, I went on to grow a very successful aesthetics practice and concurrently dove into developing my own plant-based, organic skin care line. I even took a sabbatical for a couple of years and trained with one of the world’s top product formulators abroad.

Upon returning to the US, I knew I was ready to take my formulations to the next level. I reconnected with Christy, whom at that time I’d met professionally over a decade ago. When I first met Christy at my dermatologist’s office she quickly won my heart and my trust. We developed a great friendship over the years and had a mutual respect for each other's work. With the same goals in mind, it was a natural progression to start our product company: mikel kristi.

With mikel kristi, I continue my passion for product development. I love staying on the forefront of formulating by selecting and combining proven ingredients that deliver optimum results. I want to deliver products that you love.

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