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Moisturizer: Myth or Magic?

Moisturizer: Myth or Magic?


Have you grown up being told that the number one product to maintain youthful skin is moisturizer? Have you been told that if you use it faithfully, morning and night, all the wrinkles and fine lines will disappear?

Well, I am here to tell you that moisturizer isn’t the answer! Did you know that moisturizer isn’t even that helpful in relieving dry skin? 

But don’t beat yourself up! Advertisers and fancy marketing campaigns thrive on selling us products that will 'cure all of our skin ailments'! So, it’s tempting to want to try the ‘latest and greatest'! Enter today’s lesson…


So, the main reason most of us use a moisturizer is to combat dry skin, but the problem isn’t that your skin doesn’t have enough moisture. The real issue is that the layers of dead skin that are sitting on the surface are preventing your skin’s natural moisture functions to work at their maximum levels!

As we get older, our skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down and that can cause an accumulation of dead skin cells that will sit on the surface of the skin. THIS is what starts to give way to those signs of aging! So, if a moisturizer isn't the answer, what is?

Have you heard of products with key ingredients like glycolic or lactic acid? Another effective ingredient is a form of Vitamin A called Retinaldehyde. These ingredients help to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin. Do not attempt to exfoliate with harsh grainy or beaded products, though! This may seem like an easy option, but the harshness can disrupt the skin’s delicate texture. Stick with the ingredients I’ve mentioned so you can have gentle, yet effective and even exfoliation.

Cell turnover is the ultimate regulator of how healthy and vibrant your skin looks, feels, and functions. By encouraging a faster rate of exfoliation, we help the skin to perform as it did in your younger years, thus allowing your skin’s natural hydration processes to come to the forefront. If you have dry, and/or aging skin your first line of defense is topical products that increase skin exfoliation.

When you consistently slough away dead skin, dirt, grime, and the day’s makeup, you are going to see hydrated and healthy skin emerge! Along with keeping your body well hydrated, especially for those of us in the desert, you will see wonderful changes that a moisturizer on its own could never maintain.

Mikel Kristi Skincare has two powerhouses that will help those pore-blocking dead skin sells get out of your beautiful skin's way! By using a one-two punch of a lactic acid exfoliant in the form of our Rejuvenating Swipes, paired with a Retinaldehyde-based product like our Vital A Rejuvenating Serum, you can be sure that your skin is right on track and doing what it’s designed to do. Moisturizers are helpful and soothing in the right situations, but if your skin is working at its optimal level, it should be maintaining its own hydration factory!

So, remember.. think twice before you fall for the moisturizer sales pitch! It is NOT the answer! Cell turnover is what makes our beautiful skin happen, and with some anti-aging products added into your routine, you will be blown away by your results in no time! Mikel Kristi Skincare is expertly formulated and clinically validated to help get your skin back to optimal function. 


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Until next time Beauties,

Xo, Christy

Christy Hall - PAC, MPAS

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