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What is Skinimalism?

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is a new buzzword floating around the skin care industry. Google it and you’ll find dozens of articles breaking down the definition of the word. Most simply put, it’s minimalistic skincare…. But not in a way that you should use less and do less for your skin. We are talking about using fabulous skincare products that provide maximum results, all while using fewer products.


Well, would you look at that?! From the time we founded Mikel Kristi Skincare in 2014, we have been doing just that. I never could understand why anyone would want bottles and bottles of products lined up on their countertops. Not only is it unsightly and time-consuming to use them each morning and night, but the cost of all these individual products will make a huge dent in your wallet!


Efficiency is also another reason consumers want a better bang for their buck. It seems that since Covid, perhaps with the slowing down of day-to-day life at that point in time, my patients had more time to research and educate themselves on things they truly enjoy, like skincare! That means now they are better equipped on what they want to shop for, what ingredients are in those products they’re shopping for, and most importantly, they want to see REAL results!


My patients also don’t want JUNK in their products, especially in their skin and body care. They want products that have ingredients that matter and make a difference! Don’t put the extra stuff in, like unnecessary fragrance, when it does nothing for the efficacy of the product. Also, patients have learned that the number of active ingredients in products matters. Just because something is in your skincare, doesn’t mean there is enough in it for you to see results! So what are you paying for?!


So, let’s talk about why I am thrilled about this trend. Mikel Kristi Skincare was ahead of the curve when it comes to this new buzzword. I want to share with you some of our most popular products that provide a multitude of benefits to my patients and customers. This means a quick routine for you in the AM and PM while still seeing BIG results!




Our Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serumalso known as Photoshop in a Bottle:


This product is crafted to do it ALL! Using it regularly in the AM and PM will target dull and lackluster skin, skin texture irregularities, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and fine lines.


The active ingredients will also boost your skin’s natural renewal process.


You’ll see a reduction in skin redness AND it helps boost your collagen and elastin!


How much of a powerhouse is this?! No matter your skin type, this product is a MUST in your routine! 




You need Rejuvenating Swipes now!


By chance, would you like to feel like you’re giving yourself your own 3-second mini facial each evening? Who wouldn't?


What can you expect?!


These swipes contain the perfect number of actives, derived from pre-moistened pads. 

They will remove the dirt and debris from the day with ten organic essential oils, that may have been missed after cleansing.

Those oils also will help boost cellular turnover, brighten your skin, decrease the fine lines and wrinkles you may see, and improve skin texture.


You’ll see more radiant skin after each use thanks to the gentle exfoliation these swipes provide!


And by using these swipes after you wash, they’ll help boost the effectiveness of the serums you apply afterward!


And let’s not forget about our Lavender Hibiscus Toner


With all the toners and sprays on the market, it’s hard to decipher what is better and what they actually do for you. After all, it seems like they’re all just simple hydration sprays of some sort, right? But how about using one that provides skin benefits beyond just temporary hydration? This toner is perfect for any need. Put it in your bathroom, put one in your purse, or your gym bag…it’s even good for your kiddos if they need a quick cool down.

This gentle mist infused with lavender soothes, hydrates, and balances your complexion as well as, enhances the absorption and efficacy of your other skincare product.


After washing, a simple spray sets the stage for how your skin will feel all day long, whether that is before you put on makeup in the AM, or before you go to bed at night. I even love to use it to set makeup and refresh my skin throughout the day.


This toner is also at a fabulous price point, making it even more desirable!


Any skin type will love this nourishing hydration, toning, soothing and cooling toner. The PH balance is what we love most so all your other products can penetrate your skin at their maximum potential!


So those three products are my favorite when it comes to embodying Skinimalism. But it doesn’t stop there! Please visit our website for so much more information on our products and ALL the benefits they provide. 


Xo, Christy

Christy Hall - PAC, MPAS

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