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Habits for Healthy Skin

Habits for Healthy Skin

New Year’s Resolutions for Your BEST Skin in 2023!

Happy New Year, Beauties! 2023 has arrived, and I must say... it always feels good to have this fresh start each year. With it comes a new energy and excitement for all kinds of goals and hopes and dreams, whether that be personal or professional!
Some goals may be harder to attain, but there is nothing better than feeling like you are taking steps in the RIGHT direction towards achieving them!
Here’s a question, how many of you want your best skin ever? How many of you want to take your skin health to the next level? 
I can help you with this goal…. and you can actually achieve it!
Here are a few ways we can get you on this path today!

1. INVEST in good skin care!

   Ok let’s start at the top. What are you putting ON your face? In a world filled with ‘fillers’ (no aesthetics pun intended), the products you use matter. If you want a skincare line that has an ingredient label you won't be nervous to read, Mikel Kristi Skincare is your go to. Not a single ingredient is put into any of our products, unless it serves a purpose. What you put on your body matters just as much as what you are putting into your body! Truly, my vision to create Mikel Kristi came from my frustration with the lack of healthy, plant-based options available. I wanted naturally effective skincare formulations that delivered the same outstanding results as their synthetic counterparts, and we made it happen.

2. SUNSCREEN- every day, and not just on the sunny days!

   In Arizona, where my practice is located, we see very few cloudy days. For us, seeing the sun each morning is a reminder that the sunscreen needs to be applied, but many of my out of state clients tell me that they tend to forget the sunscreen application on cloudier days, because they don’t actually see the sun! This is a habit that will do some real damage over time! The truth is, even on overcast or rainy days, up to 80 percent of UV rays can still penetrate that light cloud cover and reach your skin. That means the sunscreen application needs to go on each day! Consider this a necessary part of your morning routine, just as you would brush your teeth each morning before you walk out the door.

3. The food you eat is medicine for your body!

   What we eat can either fuel us or fight us. Do you know that healthy fats and smart food choices are not only good for us on the inside, but we can see that in our skin? Studies have shown that the vitamins and nutrients in fruits, vegetables and healthy fats can affect our skin’s wrinkling, dryness, and thinning as we age! Isn’t that fascinating? So why spend the money on junk food when you are just going to cancel out all the things you are trying to do with your good topical skin care routine? The colorful fruits and vegetables all play such important roles in skin health. Remember that on your next grocery run!

4. Manage Stress!

   I know this is a tough one. We all live busy lives with jobs, school, kids, and laundry lists of errands, tasks and obligations. But in 2023, don’t put yourself at the end of that laundry list. If you don’t feel good and are burned out, no-one wins! Stress doesn’t just feel awful, it also affects your skin. Dullness and breakouts correlate to elevated stress levels! Get outside, exercise, mediate, read, or do anything that just gives you an opportunity to breathe! 

One of my favorite things about our Mikel Kristi Body line is the spa-like experience you get from using it. Not only are they luxurious in how they feel on your skin, but the ingredients also provide the most amazing aromas as you use them. Some of the ingredients include antioxidant rich Organic Cranberry, Bilberry, and Lemon Extracts which restore vibrance and softness, while smoothing aging, dry, and dull skin. Skin looks toned and hydrated from the Organic Seaweed Extract, while Apricot Kernel Oil provides an excellent source of bioactive antioxidants to keep the skin supple, glowing, and protected. The soft aromas of Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Jasmine intermingle to quiet the mind and calm the senses as you enjoy the spa-like experience of this luxurious lotion. Calm the mind and soothe the body at the same time!


   I saved the easiest for last. Drink more water, people! Fill that bottle up every time you leave the house. Staying hydrated will help your skin look good and feel good! Dehydrated skin will look dull and dry. So, keep those hydration levels up to flush out toxins and feel your best.

So, let’s get after it and accomplish this goal in 2023!
We know you can do it and we are here to help you crush those skincare goals in any way we can! 




Xo, Christy

Christy Hall - PAC, MPAS

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