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Skin Type Myth Busted - Mikel Kristi

Skin Type Myth Busted

The Big Beauty Empty Promise

Many companies in the business of “Big Beauty” have capitalized on the notion of a customized skincare plan based on your particular skin type. I think we have all taken the quiz, received the result, and went straight to the cash register confident that this custom regimen would be the answer to our skin woes. Cut to three months later, and we are back at a different register, listening to different set of promises … and lather, rinse, repeat.

It really doesn’t matter what “skin type” you have. The four basic daily needs for skin health and anti-aging do not change.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Protection 
  3. Exfoliation/cell turnover 
  4. Collagen stimulation restoration 

Skin Function - The Epidermis

Everyone’s skin functions in the same way.  Skin cells in the outer layer of skin, or epidermis, form in the deepest layer of the epidermis and as they mature, they die and move to the most superficial layer.  The dead skin cells on the surface are then naturally exfoliated off. In your youth, this cycle allows for the epidermis to create a protective barrier that not only prevents invaders like bacteria, chemicals and viruses from entering, but it also prevents moisture from escaping.  Your epidermis is responsible for moisture production and retention. A healthy epidermis looks radiant and supple. As we age, this natural exfoliation cycle slows tremendously from about 14 days in children to 100 days in your 60s. What we see with that slowing is dry, flaky skin and less natural moisture production.


The Dermis

The deeper layer of skin, the dermis, functions to keep your skin strong, firm and smooth.  In your youth, the dermis is thick and robust with collagen and elastin. Somewhere in your mid 30s, natural collagen and elastin production cease revealing fine lines, larger pores, deeper wrinkles and sagging skin. 

The Hypodermis

The deepest layer of skin, the hypodermis is your padding to keep you warm and protect your internal tissues and organs.  In children, this looks like round, plump cheeks. In our early 20s, we lose this “baby fat” and gain our more mature adult face… which is the beginning of aging.  This process continues as we age and we lose more fat which is especially noticeable in the face with circles under the eyes, hollowing of the cheeks and sunken temples.  These changes make us look more tired. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no topical skin care products that can help maintain the fatty layer of skin. However, the epidermis and dermis can easily be cared for with the right topical ingredients in your skincare routine. 


Pro Tips

As you can see, everyone’s skin is the same.  Yes, some people naturally produce more oils or have thinner skin but caring for the basic needs first is how you are going to get your best skin. It does not matter if your skin is oily, acneic, aging, combo, dry, happy, sad, or anywhere in between. Knowing this makes skincare very simple. Find the best products you can afford in these areas, and your skin will look great from the inside out. Once you cover these basics, you can add on more products and ingredients based on your needs. 

First of all, cleanse your skin twice a day with a cleanser that does not over-dry the skin.  Try our Mikel Kristi Purifying or Refreshing wash to gently cleanse without disturbing the skin’s natural hydration. Secondly, make sure you protect your skin every morning from the damaging rays of the sun and pollution.  Use and SPF with zinc oxide, to prevent the sun rays from collagen breakdown and unsightly discolorations. Use the topical antioxidant Vitamin C , as in our Vital C Repair Serum or C Radiance Moisturizer for additional sun and pollution protection. Next tend to your skin’s natural exfoliation and collagen layer with the topical Vitamin A Retinaldehyde as in our Vital A Rejuvenating Serum.  This is the most exciting product to help hydrate, brighten, tighten and smooth your skin.  

Skincare Concierge App by Mikel Kristi SkincareFollow these basic steps and watch your skin transform.  Message us with text, audio, or video today on our Skincare Concierge App here. Or locate the image seen here on the bottom left corner of our website skincareMK.com, and click the circle for your custom consultation.

 Here's to busting "Big Beauty" myths,



Christy Hall - Skin Type Myth Busted Video 

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