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Christy Hall - PA-C, MPAS Your Beauty Advocate Book Release

Book Release - Your Beauty Advocate by Christy Hall

:A person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, and/or cause.

For all the ways to describe who I am and what I do, the word advocate feels the most right. I am not just a PA-C, injector, skincare formulator, and entrepreneur. Those are simply the tools I use to carry out my life’s passion. My mission is to help educate people on the power they have to work with aging on a deep and impactful level, and to help my clients see themselves in a new light that they have control over. The truth is that too many people waste money and sanity on products and procedures that either don’t work, or don’t deliver on the intended outcome. And it's only by education on the structure of the skin, and how aging takes place in the body, that we can intelligently choose what to do when.

My book,Your Beauty Advocate: A No-Nonsense Guide to Age-Defying Skincare Products and Procedures, is my way of carving out a place for integrity in an industry that is anything but transparent. It is about where real people fit in to this often-crazy world of beauty and aesthetics. It’s about the heroines in my life that I get to speak and interact with every day that constantly challenge and inspire me to do and be better. These are all of the reasons I do what I do. As I no longer felt satisfied with keeping this level of information to the confines of my practice, a new goal took center stage in my heart and mind;It was time to make this information accessible no matter who you are and where you live! 

The beauty industry overwhelm is REAL. And as time marches on, many of us wonder what options are available to achieve a more timeless and vibrant look to our skin. In a seemingly endless world of “miracle” creams and ever trendy aesthetic procedures, you may find yourself asking “what really works and what doesn’t?”.

As a leading expert in the skincare and aesthetic medicine industry, this is where I step in asYour Beauty Advocate. Through empowering you to write your own story on how you want to work with the aging process, I bring real world advice and straight talk to an industry that can be anything but transparent. By demystifying HOW your skin works, and illuminating the different phases of aging, a pathway forward begins to emerge based on your personal goals and educated expectations. Skin health is the absolute backbone of this guidebook. From nutrition to topical procedures, you will find actionable advice for a variety of skin conditions that accompany us through the different phases of life.

It’s time to stop wasting money and build confidence by learning what skincare products and procedures work... and what doesn’t. It’s time to learn why skincare ingredients matter, and why skin rejuvenation lasers and lights are invaluable. And for those interested, it’s time to learn why injectable dermal fillers and neurotoxins can be your best aesthetic investment yet. Priorities are important when creating a more timeless look, so it is vital to invest in yourself wisely.

Let my book,Your Beauty Advocate, be your ally in creating the best skin of your life!

Empower yourself and visit YourBeautyAdvocate.com to order your copy today.

The kindle version of Your Beauty Advocate is available on Amazon now at the discounted launch price of ¢.99 for a limited time only.  Read the book on the kindle app, or in your web browser, after making your purchase on Amazon.com. Start your transformation to healthy, youthful, beautiful skin today!


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