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Summer & Sun Protection! What You Need To Know To Stay Safe!!

Summer & Sun Protection! What You Need To Know To Stay Safe!!

Safety & Sun Protection

Living in Arizona means that we are in the sun almost every day of the year, and summertime activities, vacations, picnics and pool parties mean we are in the sun even more. But regular exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on the skin, leading to unsightly brown spots, redness, broken capillaries, large pores, saggy skin, wrinkles and skin cancers. To prevent these changes, a broad-spectrum sunblock needs to be applied daily.

What is Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection? 

Let's talk about sun protection. All sunscreens are not the same and do not protect your skin the same either! There are 2 types of sunrays that penetrate and damage our skin, UVB and UVA. UVB rays are superficial and cause sunburns, which can be prevented with adequate SPF protection. I recommend using a SPF of 30 or more for normal daily activities or 50 or more for outdoor activities such as running or biking. Also, for outdoor activities, your sunblock should be water resistant to avoid sweating it off. UVA rays are the most dangerous and SPF does not prevent penetration. The UVA rays cause all the unsightly problems listed above. For best UVA protection, your sunblock should contain at least 5% zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. These natural minerals act as mirrors on the skin to reflect UVA ray penetration. My favorite brands of pure sunblock are Elta MD and Colorescience.

Any Other Topical Products I Can Use for Added Protection?

Topical Vitamin C is another highly effective addition to your sun protection arsenal.

Numerous studies have shown that a daily application of topical Vitamin C can prevent cellular DNA damage from the sun and other free radicals to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. It is also a great collagen stimulator and skin brightener. Not all topical Vitamin C products are effective though. The Vitamin C in a topical product needs to be able to penetrate the skin’s barrier to reach the dermis or living layer; therefore, a product company needs to have put ample research and development into their products. 

Mikel Kristi Skincare Has What You Are Looking For!

A customer favorite is our C Radiance Moisturizer. It is light, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. It also hydrates,  evens out the skin tone, and softens the texture of the skin

More to Know About the MK C Radiance Moisturizer...

- Rich in antioxidants that help to protect against free radicals and stressors
- Effectively delivers not 1, but 3 forms of highly stable Vitamin C, where your skin needs it most.
- Nurtures and helps fortify the skin to be more resilient than ever.

In Addition, Try Our Vital C Repair Serum

This supercharged serum is your daily nourishment of bio-available Vitamin C. Packed with powerful active ingredients, potent antioxidants, essential nutrients, fruit enzymes, and our unique brightening complexes, all working synergistically to help brighten, firm, smooth, improve skin tone and texture, and help rejuvenate from signs of photo-aging. The light weight formula easily sinks into the skin, delivering visible benefits while enhancing skin radiance.

Key Ingredients to Look for in Good Products

Other topical ingredients to look for to enhance sunblock effectiveness are lavender, red algae extract, green tea extract and beta glucans. Many of our Mikel Kristi products contain these ingredients and much more to provide the most effective, anti-inflammatory skin protection.

Final Thoughts on Sun Protection

So, remember to apply a highly effective sunblock every morning and again prior to outdoor activities. It's the biggest (and easiest) favor you can do for your skin!!


Here's to Your Best Skin Ever!


Christy Hall PA-C, MPAS

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