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Skin Conditions: Inflammation - Mikel Kristi

Skin Conditions: Inflammation

Inflammation seems to be at the foundation of many different skincare issues including premature aging, acne, rosacea and melasma. Inflammation is a natural biological process that the body uses as a way to signal the need for repair at a site of injury or illness. This is a completely healthy response, and when it is in balance with the body’s other processes, it causes rapid healing to acute situations big and small. The inflammatory alarm bells that your body ring out are absolutely an essential way we regenerate on a daily basis. So, in and of itself inflammation is not a bad thing. 

The trouble starts when there are too many alarm bells going off at once, and your body has to pick and choose which area to repair first. There is actually a hierarchy of protection that your body is constantly checking in with to keep circulatory system, nervous system, and vital organs in relative equilibrium. These areas are the most important to your survival so it gets repaired first. 

Long down the list, the skin gets tended to (unless of course you are bleeding profusely). So that is why many inflammatory illnesses can be detected on the skin. It is the last to get repaired, so the first to show signs of issue. 

It is very important to understand that your lifestyle is absolutely THE largest factor in your body’s relationship with inflammation, or how easily you rest and repair. I’m not just talking about diet and exercise. Your home environment, your work, your relationships, all have fingers on the dial of your health and wellbeing. And if you want healthier looking and acting skin, you have to tend to how you respond to the world around you. Because you can put the most amazing products on your skin, but the improvements can only go so far if you aren’t taking care of yourself on every level. 

As we approach the new year, why not start it off right with a detox reset? Try some of these simple steps to not only improve your skin but your health and wellbeing. Try it for a few days, a few weeks or long-term. 

1.  Mental Cleanse: 

    • Adopt an attitude of gratitude 
    • Don’t engage in gossip or negative relationships 
    • Be conscious of your negative thoughts and try to redirect them with gratitude.
    2.  Lymphatic Cleanse to aid in your body’s natural detox system: 
    • Dry brush your skin prior to your shower daily 
    • Bounce on a rebounder or a fitness ball or 5 minutes daily 
    3.  Kidney Cleanse: 
    • Drink 64-120 oz of purified water daily 
    • Add lemon or a pinch of Celtic sea salt for added electrolytes

    4. Dietary Cleanse:  
      • Eat a low-glycemic index, plant-based diet with healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts and coconut). 
      • Avoid alcohol 5. Skin Cleanse: Use our Mikel Kristi Core Collection with Rejuvenating Swipes for the following: 


      1. Cleanse with a botanical based cleanser: Refreshing Botanical Wash

      2. Tone to rebalance the pH of the skin with a botanical based toner with anti-inflammatory essential oils that soothe the skin and the senses: Lavender Hibiscus Toner

      3. Apply antioxidant and anti-aging serum: BioPeptide Serum

      4. Apply moisturizer, if needed. C Radiance moisturizer

      5. Apply SPF with zinc oxide: Elta MD 6. Use pure mineral makeup, if desired: ColorScience 


      1. Cleanse with a botanical based cleanser: Refreshing Botanical Wash

      2. Apply toner to rebalance the pH of the skin as above: Lavender Hibiscus Toner. Consider using one in the evening that contains AHA or BHA for extra brightening and cell turnover: Rejuvenating Swipes

      3. Apply topical vitamin A retinaldehyde to rid the skin of dead cells and to repair and restore the skin’s health and collagen: Vital A Revitalizing Serum 

      4. Apply topical peptides or growth factors to heal and rejuvenate the skin’s collagen and elastin matrix: BioPeptide Serum

      5. Apply moisturizer, if needed: C Radiance Moisturizer 

      With these changes, you will be glowing inside and out to start the new year.

      Happy New Year and cheers to great skin, health, and wellbeing. 

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