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Let’s talk about what makes skincare WORK!!!

Let’s talk about what makes skincare WORK!!!

Bioactive ingredients… Let’s talk about what makes skincare WORK!!!

Why does Skincare have to be so complicated?

All of us want beautiful and healthy skin. We want that youthful radiance to last us for years to come. And most of us continue to fall for marketing gimmicks that tell us THIS is the holy grail product so buy me now!! So we do!! Speaking from experience, it was the constant let down that I got from product after product that led me into my career field of aesthetic dermatology and aesthetics.

In my 20’s, I bought every product under the sun. Yet what did I have to show for it? Dry, dull, discolored skin. At 30 when I started seeing wrinkles, I knew I had to make a big change… and fast! I read every article I could, trying to educate myself. I made dermatology appointments yearning for someone to help me. And still, I could not figure it out!! It wasn’t until I started my career in cosmetic dermatology that I really started to understand why I was continuing to fail in my journey to find beautiful skin.

So… what was it??? What did I learn? 

First, let’s take it back one step. The purpose of skincare products is to improve the skin’s natural functions. That means they should restore, hydrate, smooth, and improve the basic skin functions. But guess what? Most products do not have bioactive or bioavailable ingredients. That means the products that I was using were more of a band-aid. They were just sitting on the surface of my skin. They weren’t penetrating my skin and therefore, they had no chance of improving my skin either.  

Let’s talk bioactive and bioavailable ingredients!

Ingredients that are bioactive and bioavailable are what give skincare products their effectiveness. These products are usually referred to as cosmeceuticals. These bioactive compounds are produced by plants . They play a role in protection, signaling, defense, resilience or attraction. These compounds have been found to not only help the plant be more resilient and healthy, but can also have similar effects on our cells and tissues. Bioactive ingredients are only the half of it because those great ingredients need to be able to reach their target in your skin to affect the desired change and deliver the results you want.  Bioavailability is the ability of the ingredient to be absorbed and then be utilized by the cells in the skin.

Let’s go deeper!

Bioavailability and product penetration are based on molecular size, skin pH, polarity or molecular charge, and oil solubility. This is where science steps in and with technological advancements, ingredients can be changed into smaller particles with nanotechnology and microspheres to increase skin penetration. Liposome encapsulation and micro-encapsulation are also technologies used to increase product penetration by increasing oil solubility and increasing ingredient stability. For sustainability, many times science is used to synthesize the best plant-based ingredients in a lab environment to increase their concentrations and bioavailability while also decreasing the use of water and soil.

Mikel Kristi loves bioactive ingredients!

At Mikel Kristi, we formulate our products with bioactive and bioavailable ingredients like Peptides, Vitamin C, Prickly Pear Extract and Retinaldehyde to name a few. Our goal is to improve your skin’s natural functions of natural exfoliation, restoration, and protection to deliver you healthier, more radiant and beautiful skin.

Transform your skin today! 

If you’re tired of going through the trial and error that I did years ago, spending all the money on ineffective products, and continuing the cycle of excitement then disappointment over failed skincare, it’s time to try to Mikel Kristi Skincare. Message us on instagram to talk to our own Skin Care Concierge Service so that we can tailor your purchase to fulfill your skincare needs!!

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