5 Ways To Amp Up Your Beauty From The Inside Out

March 24, 2020 3 min read

5 Ways To Amp Up Your Beauty From The Inside Out - Mikel Kristi


We all know that beauty starts on the inside.  Let’s look at some ways to go beyond skin deep to get the results you desire. 

  1. Be kind to yourself:  Be conscious of your thoughts. Notice when you feel yourself going into a negative state. Because of our survival instincts, humans have a negativity bias built into our psyche. This was helpful back when we needed to remember not to eat a poisonous plant in the wild, or that a tiger lived in that particular cave. But in modern life it is used to ruminate on current dramas, past hurts, or future anxieties. See if you can notice when you go down your particular rabbit hole, and see if you can change your thoughts to kindness and gratitude. If not, just focus on the word STOP. 

  2. Relax to decrease inflammation:  Commit to a deep breathing practice at least once a day, but more is better, to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system). This will lower your blood pressure and cortisol response. Instructions: Inhale as deeply as possible into the abdominal cavity for six counts. Then hold your breath for 18-24 counts. Then exhale all air out completely in 12 counts. Repeat ten times.

  3. Get 7-8 hours of good sleep every night:  Sleep is when your body repairs itself. If you are using great skincare products like Mikel Kristi, this is also the time when your skin will be using those amazing ingredients for rejuvenation and anti-aging. 

  4. You are what you eat: Eat for cellular vitality:  At least 75 percent but preferably more of your diet should be plant based. So, when preparing your plate, visualize it in quarters: three-quarters of the plate can be loaded with vegetables and some fruit. The last quarter can be other food (preferably mostly plant based). Choose low glycemic index foods to keep your blood sugar stable.

  5. Looking Tired? Aging is not just skin deep: Let’s start by understanding why we get a tired look and sagging skin so that you understand how to best correct it. We don’t get loose skin because we are growing extra skin as we age. We get loose skin because the underlying support structures (bone, fat, and muscle) are shrinking and the skin is not shrinking with it. Think about it like a balloon that has been filled with air for a while and then slowly deflates; what is left does not look or feel healthy and supple. The same is true as we age. With this volume loss, the face begins to sag. It loses its taunt appearance. What was once a timeless heart shaped face, is now more tired and lax-looking. Part of what is happening is that as we age, our skull actually shrinks. The shape and fullness of the bone structures, fat pads, and muscles start to atrophy making the face warp and lose its youthful fullness and contours. It’s important to not only treat the skin’s surface but to also restore the volume and support under the skin. 

This is where injectable fillers can really help to restore the contours of the face so that the skin can lay on a more integral form. It is important to know that for this issue of skull shrinkage, skincare and skin rejuvenation procedures will never be the answer because you can’t fix under the skin problems by working on the skin. But, also know that healthy skin will look absolutely amazing in combination with dermal filler and neurotoxins. And remember, the best results are the least noticeable.

For more information on ageless beauty and more, check out my book Your Beauty Advocate at yourbeautyadvocate.com.  Get your copy today.

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Christy Hall
Christy Hall

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