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Skin Concerns by Age Part 2: Look Your Best in your 30’s - Mikel Kristi

Skin Concerns by Age Part 2: Look Your Best in your 30’s

Aging in Our 30’s


In our 30’s we mature both emotionally and physically. We tend to become more comfortable and confident with ourselves; however, we also gain more awareness of our aging bodies and skin and want to learn how to take care better care of them.

The Problem

In comes the tendency to obsess over skincare products.  Most women don’t know where to start or what to do. They try every anti-aging  product they can find, using them for a few short weeks, and when they see no results, they toss them in a bathroom drawer of long forgotten lotions and potions. You could save a lot of time, money, and dissatisfaction by using less products, with more effective ingredients.

Common Complaints 

The most common complaints of 30 somethings are:

  • Fine lines on the forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines

These visible signs of aging begin to form due to collagen breakdown from muscle movement and sun exposure. One of the best ways to prevent and reverse these changes, and to protect the skin from damaging free radicals and collagen destruction, is to use an SPF sunblock with UVA protection, like zinc oxide, every day. Another great way to ensure youthful looking skin is to encourage collagen formation by using skincare products with anti-aging ingredients like Retinaldehyde, Vitamin C, and Peptides. A very easy and  basic skincare regimen that has proven effective for most is as follows:

AM:  Cleanse, C Radiance Moisturizer, SPF with Zinc Oxide
PM:  Cleanse, Vital A Rejuvenating Serum, C Radiance Moisturizer

Other Signs of Aging in Your 30’s

Another common complaint is the appearance ofbrown spots andskin discolorations. Many of my patients want to be make-up free, so evening out skin tone becomes a priority.  Brown spots and discolorations are most often caused by excessive sun damage from exposure without proper protection in earlier years. 

Pro Tip:

If you naturally have darker hair, skin, or eyes, you will be more prone to brown discolorationsIn addition to applying SPF with Zinc Oxide daily, adding in skin brighteners that contain AHAs, Songyi Mushroom Extract, Vitamin C and/or Azelaic Acid will help restore and even out your skin tone. I love the light luxurious feel of our C Radiance Moisturizer

Many of the skin changes we see in our 30’s are attributed to the aging process, but they’re also  due in part to the lifestyle choices that we made earlier in life. Diet choices, sun exposure, sleep habits, and inadequate skincare regimens can contribute to prematurely aging skin. In addition to the above recommended skin care routine the following tips can help slow the aging process:

  1. Eat foods loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables.  Also, 
  2. Eat healthy, low fat proteins to provide your skin the essential amino acids to build collagen. 
  3. Drink water daily. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces of filtered water daily.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. 

Look your best in your 30’s and in every decade of your life by caring for yourself inside and out.

Here's to Your Best Skin Ever!

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