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Protecting Your Skinvestment

Protect Your Skinvestment: Post cosmetic treatment skincare guide

Hello beauties!! Let’s talk about something fun today!! Cosmetic Procedures!! Whether it’s a bit of Botox, a nice end of summer peel to remove a season full of sun exposure and reveal that gorgeous new skin , or maybe it’s a laser procedure to turn back the hands of time and get rid of wrinkles and sun damage… all of these things have something in common, they cost MONEY! And they are an investment in you, your health, and your quest to feel like your best self!! You may make an appointment with a provider to have one of these treatments, you spend the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, and afterwards, what comes of it?? Maybe a follow up call? Perhaps a take home pamphlet of what to expect a few hours or days after your procedure??

But what about the weeks and months and YEARS afterward?? After spending the money to take care of yourself, would you really want to return to your old ways?? It would be like making a choice to eat healthy and exercise to lose a few pounds and then once you get to your goal weight, returning to a habit of cheeseburgers and ice cream!! Let’s protect our investment… furthermore, let’s protect our SKINVESTMENTS!

And the thing is, it’s really easy! The right products and skincare regimen post treatment can set you up for years of enjoying results of any facial procedure you have, big or small. In my practice, I feel confident knowing that my patients will enjoy longer results with the Mikel Kristi Post Treatment Collection.

What to do to prepare for a facial treatment/ cosmetic procedure
  • Avoid sun exposure for 5 days prior to your treatment.
  • Do not use any topical prescription products that cause sensitivity (e.g. hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, retinols, and benzoyl peroxide) on treated areas for 5 days before treatment.

What to expect after cosmetic procedures

First, let’s talk about what we can expect from various cosmetic procedures.

Treat your skin like a baby’s skin!! To optimize your results, be gentle with yourself and that way, your skin has the greatest chance of healing with minimal to zero discoloration. Mild healing face wash and topicals are your best bet.

SUNSCREEN!After having a procedure, avoid direct sunlight. Most procedures such as microdermabrasions, facials, peels and laser procedures irritate, if not completely remove, the top layer of your skin, making your new skin extra sensitive to sunlight. Wear a hat and use SPF 30+ with zinc oxide. 

Hydrate!!Drinking fluids, such as water, tea and water-based beverages without artificial additives, will help speed up your recovery from procedures big and small!! Six to eight glasses are ideal as that will help heal skin and flush toxins out of your system!

Do not pick or peel!!! It is most certainly tempting, but don’t do it!! You will increase your likelihood of scarring or infection. Cover up the mirrors in your house for a few days if you think you may be tempted to touch or pick. This easy solution helps many of my patients.

How does aftercare protect your skinvestment?

For all of the reasons we mentioned above, aftercare is so important because it will improve your healing time and extend the length of your procedure results!!! If you were willing to spend the money and commit to the potential downtime you took away from work, family, and social activities to get the procedure, it only makes sense to invest in aftercare. If you were to get braces, you would want to pay for that retainer to keep your perfect new smile intact, right? All the time spent to perfect something…wouldn’t it be unfortunate to neglect taking the last step in proper care!!!?

How can you extend and enhance and prolong your cosmetic procedure results?

Mikel Kristi Skincare Post Treatment Collection is everything you need for long-term skin maintenance. Here is a break-down of what is included in the collection!

MK Purifying Botanical Wash - Find balance and clarity with this botanically-based, multi-tasking cleanser. The light and luxurious foaming gel helps wash away impurities and makeup while retaining essential moisture removing excess oil, and decongesting pores with ease. Our antibacterial essential oil blend helps smooth, soothe, purify, and protect. Indulge in the lemony citrus scent and enjoy small moments of luxury everyday.

Lavender Hibiscus Toner - A gentle facial mist that envelopes your skin in lavender infused nourishment to soothe, hydrate, and balance your complexion. Apply as the ultimate primer to enhance the absorption and efficacy of additional skincare products, or take it on the go to hydrate and refresh for a dewy glow throughout the day.

Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serum - This lightweight, yet powerfully effective concentrate is formulated for performance and rapid recovery following non-surgical aesthetic treatments and procedures. Crafted with our signature blend of bio peptides that work synergistically to renew, rejuvenate, and shorten recovery time, while also smoothing, hydrating, and firming the skin. Loaded with advanced active ingredients, antioxidants, nutrients, and bio peptides, this eco-lux serum is the ultimate skin saver!

Vital C Repair Serum - This supercharged serum of bio-available Vitamin C is packed with powerful actives, nurturing antioxidants, essential nutrients, and our unique brightening ingredients, all working synergistically to help brighten, firm, smooth, improve skin tone and texture and help reduce the signs of photo-aging. The light weight formula easily sinks into the skin, delivering nourishing benefits while helping to visibly improve skin health and radiance.

Calendula Anti-Inflammatory Moisturizer - 
A CUSTOMER FAVORITE!! This rich moisturizing cream minimizes the effects of dryness from climate or lifestyle for the face, neck, and décolleté. This moisturizing cream is for deeply penetrating skin hydration and super anti-oxidant defense. This active-packed moisturizer brings herbal extracts into a new generation. Calendula, a proven anti-inflammatory and a beta-carotene gold mine, provides soothing weather protection while preventing redness and chafing.

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