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Purifying Botanical Wash Product Highlight: Step 1 - Mikel Kristi

Purifying Botanical Wash Product Highlight: Step 1

Step 1: Cleanse

Facial cleansing is an important foundational component of any effective skincare regimen. This critical step is often overlooked by brands offering more trendy or bandwagon products. The importance of an expertly formulated cleanser can not be overstated, and in my eyes this is a vital part of any healthy skincare routine.

In the perfect world, every one of us would have a protective barrier around our skin, thus protecting it from damaging sun rays, harmful environmental toxins, and the bacteria that accumulates from our hands touching our face throughout the day. While it’s impossible to stop going outside or touching our face, there is a second, more rational, choice to barricading yourself inside. A more effective solution is to incorporate a really amazing cleanser into your daily care. One that is as powerful as it is nourishing.

Many people use cleansers that are too coarse on the skin, or that have grainy bits in the formulation in an effort to get a really “deep clean.” Unfortunately, this type of cleanser is much too harsh of a treatment for the living ecosystem that your skin thrives in.


Purifying Botanical Wash

This is exactly why we’ve formulated the Mikel Kristi Purifying Botanical Wash. Using the power of nature, we’ve created a gentle foaming gel cleanser that dissolves the dirt, makeup, and daily buildup of grime, without relying on chemical agents to do so. Our proprietary blend of potent citrus essential oils seamlessly delivers cleansing and nourishment to the skin without disturbing it’s delicate balance.

This natural multitasker thoroughly lifts away impurities, without leaving a filmy residue or causing skin to feel dry and over cleansed. With the addition of aloe vera and rice seed extract, any sensitivity or skin irritation is wonderfully soothed and comforted. Using this product twice a day is your insurance policy that impurities, dead skin, and dirt that can lead to breakouts and dull appearance, will be washed away after cleansing your face.

Our Purifying Botanical Wash is vegan and eco friendly, along with keeping the “lux” aroma and feel that Mikel Kristi products are known for. One inhale of this aromatic product and you will encounter the spa like experience that comes with every application. So why not transform the everyday occurrence of washing your face into a sensory experience that simultaneously improves the look and function of your skin?


March Special

For the month of March you can enjoy this 120ml lush purifying wash for FREE when you purchase our 30ml Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serum, AKA Photoshop in a Bottle. Just add both items to your shopping cart and use promo code: MKMARCH


Your skin cells will thank you!


To Feeling Beautiful Inside and Out,



Christy Hall, PA-C, MPAS



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