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Boutique Skincare... What’s all the fuss??

Boutique Skincare... What’s all the fuss??

While there are many big name brands out there gaining notoriety for bright colored labels and fancy packaging, think twice before you assume that what’s in the bottle is as fun and fabulous as the display it all sits on at your favorite cosmetics/ skincare store!!!

Let’s talk about boutique skincare and what makes Mikel Kristi fall into that category!

Boutique skincare is probably not what you think. As a smaller company, rooted in an active, award-winning medical aesthetics practice, Mikel Kristi Skincare is clinically validated, by actual people, every single day. Receiving real time product feedback from thousands of patients uniquely positions us to adjust our formulations quickly to deliver the results our clients deserve. We have a zero tolerance mindset when it comes to mediocre results, and pride ourselves in adjusting quickly when these results don’t meet our meticulous standards.

First things first!! More is NOT more!! 

The truth is simplicity in ingredients and routine is usually exactly what your skin is begging you for!!!  A longer ingredient list or a more lengthy morning and evening product routine does not mean you are doing more for your skin!! MK prides itself on products that serve many purposes. One product can do multiple things for the health of your skin. And, along those lines, every ingredient you see in our product serves a well-needed purpose!! And if you are wondering why our products have such delightful scents?! Well, those essential oils providing the spa like scents are in there serving a purpose for your skin…. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so what you put on it is just as important as what you are feeding your body!! So make good choices!

Let’s go deeper!!

To meet the modern demands of an increasingly toxic world, our clinically-validated, globally curated skincare products provide your skin (and largest detox organ) with exactly what it needs at precisely the right time. While Mikel Kristi products are of the highest clinical, environmental, and ethical quality, this doesn't mean they’re complicated. The fact that we are an artisanal cosmeceutical company actually SIMPLIFIES the process of beautifying your skin by restoring it to health from the inside out.

Boutique skincare means we have more freedom to tailor our products so that they are constantly being sourced from the best places so they have the best ingredients!

As a boutique skincare company, we are also afforded a freedom that Big Beauty Houses cannot even dream of meeting. We are NOT obligated to investors that control our integrity when it comes to making the most effective, natural, science-based, animal friendly, and sustainably sourced skincare on the market. In fact, we maintain a three to five year lead in terms of research, development, and cutting-edge ingredients, on over-the-counter beauty brands.

You May Want To Think Again...if you are purchasing your skincare at a department store.

The questionable standards for ingredient procurement often put your delicate hormonal rhythms in jeopardy, not to mention the many animals who give their lives to ineffectively test the “safety” of those subpar ingredients.  

Your skin deserves the best!!! 

Your skin deserves skin care that can fulfill factors that affect the health and look of your skin. Mikel Kristi products seamlessly blend the worlds of science, common sense, and botanical based skincare in a way that delivers SERIOUS RESULTS.

We love being a boutique skincare brand that has complete control of the destiny of our company. We’re committed to bring you natural, effective, vegan, and cruelty free products that deliver healthy, radiant skin. So, take a second look at the products in your bathroom. Think twice before you put them on your skin. Decide what you want for yourself… And if RESULTS, YOUR SKIN HEALTH, and THE HEALTH OF OUR ENVIRONMENT matters, then you just found your new favorite skin care line!! Let Mikel Kristi boutique skincare take you to the next level of skincare, while keeping it simple, effective, and clinically-validated.

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