Refreshing Wash 120ml + Lavender Toner 60ml

The 12 Days of Wishmas Day 2

Refreshing Botanical Wash 120ml + Lavender Hibiscus Toner 60ml

Products Included:

Refreshing Botanical Wash - Inspired by the ever present heat of the Arizona desert, this daily facial cleanser refreshes, calms, cools, and gently exfoliates as it draws out and sweeps away impurities. Formulated with nourishing ingredients that respect the skin’s natural ecosystem, this coconut derived foaming gel will leave your skin feeling perfectly clean and comfortably balanced.

Lavender Hibiscus Toner -A gentle facial mist that envelopes your skin in lavender infused nourishment to soothe, hydrate, and balance your complexion. Apply as the ultimate primer to enhance the absorption and efficacy of additional skincare products, or take it on the go to hydrate and refresh for a dewy glow throughout the day.

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