Our Founder, Christy Hall, is a Board Certified Physician Assistant who owns and operates a world class medical aesthetics practice in Tucson Arizona. Specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Christy helps her patients improve skin health and reach their aesthetic goals, all day, every day.

When choosing products to recommend to clients, Christy became frustrated by the  lack of healthy, plant-based options available. She saw a need for naturally effective skincare formulations that deliver the same outstanding results as synthetic counterparts, so she set out to change this.

Collaborating with industry experts, Christy began crafting the Mikel Kristi skincare line...

“I wanted to design skincare products that help restore your skin’s natural healthy function, using plant-based ingredients that really work. My desire to create Mikel Kristi came from my own experience as a medical professional, the stories and concerns from thousands of patients that I seen throughout my career,  and my own transformative journey to natural, high-quality skincare. My passion is to provide you solutions that address your skincare needs, as well as an educational path that truly serves you.”

From there the Mikel Kristi brand was born and the Core Collection soon became a must-have. 

Mikel Kristi has since grown into a cosmeceutical-grade, eco-lux product line, offering a stellar range of high-performance skincare essentials. 
Christy continues to innovate and elevate the brand’s formulations with the most effective, bio-active ingredients, bridging the gap between eco-conscious blends, and leading edge scientific skincare. 

Mikel Kristi brings you professional, eco-lux skincare products you won’t be able to live without!