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C Radiance Moisturizer 30ml

  • C Radiance Moisturizer
 - Loaded with anti-aging properties, this silky and lightweight formula expertly delivers not one, but THREE forms of highly stable Vitamin C, where your skin needs it most. Think of C Radiance not only as a moisturizer, but your protection against the myriad of environmental stressors that your skin faces. This daily defender nurtures and helps fortify the skin to be more resilient than ever. Achieve ultra hydration and glowing radiance from sunrise to sunset.

    Suitable for: Normal, Combination, Dry, Sensitive

    Solutions for: Anti-Aging, Brightening, Radiance, Hydration, Sensitive skin, protection, fine lines, moisture, firming, even tone, rejuvenating, renewal, collagen boosting,


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dry skin game changer

This is a great tool for people with dry skin. It goes on a bit thick and you really have to rub it in. When you get it fully absorbed, your dryness is lessened greatly. I am not sure if it firms or smooths but it does hydrate and because it hydrates, it adds some firmness to the skin.Even if you don’t need all the extras, but fight really dry skin, this may be what you’re looking for. My mom has super dry skin, especially on her hands. I gave her some of this to put on her hands and it took her a little bit to work it into the skin, but it really helped her dry skin on her hands.The scent is pretty citrusy, which I don’t mind. I love that it is fragrance free, non GMO and paraben free.

Great Moisturizer

I received this face moisturizer through the Amazon Vine Voice program.The ingredient profile is very good on this product. I also like the consistency, texture, and quick absorption rate. Plus, it leaves a smooth and hydrated result even as a stand alone application without layering other products or serums, etc.The scent is a mild citrus and is not a "fragrance " so it won't irritate skin.And, I didn't have any trouble dispensing the face cream either. In fact, I like the airless pump bottle because it prevents the product from exposure to contamination which can easily happen with a jar or open bottle style container.This one gets 5 Stars 🌟 from me.

Rich Moisturization

A high quality facial moisture cream that is very rich, though also on the thin side. A small amount will go a long way, so go easy on this during application.You will get plenty of moisturization from this facial cream and it will easily last all day long. It can be a bit dewy, especially if you've gone heavy handed when applying. Just gently blot off the excess with a towel if need be and all will be fine. It works on a deep level to make your skin more supple an elastic. Will brighten skin and diminish fine lines.Especially good for those with mature and/or dry skin. Works well on my mature combination skin, though I prefer to use this on my drier days. Good for those with normal to dry skin. Just as good for men as it is for women.

Light, Fresh, Dewy

I love the texture of this Professional-Grade Skincare C Radiance Moisturizer with 3 Forms of Vitamin C. It feels extremely silky and lightweight. It melts into my skin immediately. However, the price point is extremely high, and I think there are other, just-as-great moisturizers on the market with lower price points.I don't use this at night, as my dermatologist told me not to use Vitamin C products at night, in order to give my skin a rest. I use it during the day. The pump delivery system is hygienic and clean, and pumps out a perfect amount of cream. I use two pumps.I use this over toner or a light serum and my skin looks glowy all day long.Recommended if you like to splurge on skincare.

Good Vitamin C lotion if you can afford it.

This light lotion has an orange/citrus scent. Although I like citrus scents, I really don't like any fragrance in my facial products. This isn't awful though. It's fresh. I just need one pump to cover my face and a little more for my neck. It doesn't sting or irritate my sensitive skin and can I can always tell if a vitamin C product I am using is good or not by how my skin looks after a few days of use. My skin does look glowy with this one but I think it is pretty expensive for what it is. I don't notice any extra improvements with this. I like that it hydrates my skin while giving it a good dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants but I need a heavier cream for nighttime. It's an indulgence for me. I pay far less for my Vitamin C serums and, so far, they give me very similar results to this product. However, this one hydrates whereas the liquid serums sometimes make my skin feel a bit dry. It's a good product if you can afford it and don't need a heavy moisturizer.