Bio Peptide Hydrating Lotion

  • Bio Peptide Hydrating Lotion - This intensely nourishing, deeply hydrating face lotion was created to unlock your youthful radiance, while keeping dry and dull skin at bay. Luxurious and lightweight in texture, this bio active multi-tasker is a versatile workhorse for potent age-management! Brightening, firming, and rejuvenating as it deeply balances and protects the skin's natural moisture barrier. The overall appearance and texture of the skin is dramatically improved with regular use.

    Suitable for: All Skin Types, Normal, Combination, Oily, Dry, Sensitive, Blemish Prone, and Mature Skin

    Solutions for: Anti-aging, smoothing, soothing, hydration, clarifying, even tone, pore reduction, brightening, radiance, moisturizing, fine lines and wrinkles, sensitive skin, protection, anti-aging, rejuvenating, renewal, collagen boosting

    What else you need to know...
    The multiple actions of our potent, plant-derived complex hydrate and work synergistically to help to significantly improve skin texture. The powerful peptides in this formulation help to combat aging caused by both environmental and emotional stressors, while deeply hydrating throughout the day.


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