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Shifting our skincare gears as we round out summer!

Shifting our skincare gears as we round out summer!

Hello beauties!! As shocking as it sounds, summer 2021 is already wrapping up!! Kids will be back to school in a matter of weeks, summer vacations are coming to a close, and that means a shift in our daily routines is just around the corner.

While our daily calendars may look different come fall, our skin care routines are going to shift as well. Hopefully you didn’t slack on summer skin care, but it’s never too late to get into an easy daily routine as well. 

The biggest thing I tell my patients when they are looking to improve the quality of their skin is they have to stay consistent. It is said that habits are made and broken in the timeframe of 21 consecutive days. And even better, a more permanent change happens within 90. For those of you looking to make big changes (and more importantly, EASY changes),  our Core Collection gives you everything you need for complete skin transformation in three months.

What does our Core Collection do for you? 

Well, it provides everything you need to achieve balanced, beautiful skin. For optimal skin, there are specific core needs that must be met, no matter what your skin condition. These are: Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating, Perfecting and Moisturizing. Our simple skincare regimen is formulated with the highest performing active ingredients to address these needs. It is designed to see visibly smoother, more radiant skin while helping to maintain a long-term youthful glow. 

 What does our Core Collection contain?

 If you are new to Mikel Kristi and ready to take the leap to discover your best skin, then this is the kit for you! However, these products are also available on their own if you just want to try one or two particular items AND we offer them in a smaller travel or starter size as well!

  • Refreshing Botanical Wash 60ml - Inspired by the ever-present heat of the Arizona desert, this daily facial cleanser refreshes, calms, cools, and gently exfoliates as it draws out and sweeps away impurities. Formulated with nourishing ingredients that respect the skin’s natural ecosystem, this coconut derived foaming gel will leave your skin feeling perfectly clean and comfortably balanced.
  • Lavender Hibiscus Toner 60mlA gentle facial mist that envelopes your skin in lavender infused nourishment to soothe, hydrate, and balance your complexion. Apply as the ultimate primer to enhance the absorption and efficacy of additional skincare products, or take it on the go to hydrate and refresh for a dewy glow throughout the day.
  • Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serum 30ml -One of our best sellers!! Also known as Photoshop in a Bottle, this eco-lux serum is an all-around powerhouse that your skin will love! Expertly crafted to address dull and lackluster skin, textural irregularities, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and fine lines, while providing a daily boost to your skin’s natural renewal process. This silky and luxurious serum is pure skin indulgence!
  • Vital A Rejuvenation Serum 30mlThis night time serum is the perfect way to partner with the aging process. With a natural Vitamin A Complex, this synergistic blend of Vitamin A, Niacinamide, and our antioxidant charged skin lightening compound, will help transform the look and feel of your skin, while helping to support the skin’s natural renewal process.
  • C Radiance Moisturizer 30mlLoaded with anti-aging properties, this silky and lightweight formula expertly delivers not one, but THREE forms of highly stable Vitamin C, where your skin needs it most. Think of C Radiance not only as a moisturizer, but your protection against the myriad of environmental stressors that your skin faces. This daily defender nurtures and helps fortify the skin to be more resilient than ever. Achieve ultra hydration and glowing radiance from sunrise to sunset.

If by chance you have fallen off of the self-care wagon after the busy summer months, you can always start fresh today, and recommit to yourself with a new Core Collection. Your future self will thank you! Consistency is all about taking every opportunity to apply the law of action to the small steps that are required to get you to your goals. Staying focused on making the next best decision can keep you on track, whether it's your skincare routine, your health intentions, or your career aspirations.

Want to take your routine one step further?? Add our Rejuvenating Swipes into your nightly routine! These can be used in addition to the Core Collection! Swipe your way to more radiant skin with our Rejuvenating Swipes. With the perfect amount of actives delivered through pre-moistened pads, these swipes glide seamlessly over the skin to swipe away residual dirt, debris, and surface impurities. These are an innovative combination of ten organic essential oils that simultaneously clarify, support healthy skin, and exfoliate dead and dulling cells. Used as a part of your regular skincare routine, these Swipes prime your face for enhanced effectiveness of additional skincare products. They help boost cellular turnover, brighten lackluster skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth skin texture, all with one swipe!

And during the month of August, receive our Refreshing Swipes FREE with the purchase of Rejuvenating Swipes!! These gentle swipes are the perfect toner addition to your morning skincare routine to help breathe life back into tired, dull skin. Go to MikelKristi.com and use code BOGOSWIPES to start your skin rejuvenation today!

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