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You've probably heard that you have a very specific skin type. That the wants and needs for your particular cellular makeup demand an equally discriminating skin care protocol that involves loads of steps and very specific ingredients... And if you DARE venture out of your “skin type” box, imminent epidermal catastrophe will be sure to follow.

We at Mikel Kristi are here to tell you, in general that is just a load of bunkum!

The big marketing teams behind the "Big Beauty" industry know the more they convince consumers that their subset of skin woes is unique and needs special care, the more they can charge more for their products. Creating more and more steps keeps customers in the endless loop buying the next best potion and lotion. With every new arising issue, they have a “specialized” product based answer for it, keeping you consuming their product at a constant rate.

So what's true out there is the world of skin care, and its products?How can sensitive, acneic, and aging skin be dealt with in the same way?

It’s simple. Go directly to the root cause of the problem.

The same issue that creates skin sensitivity, is the same issue that increases the signs of aging, which is the same issue that people with acne experience pore clogging and breakouts. And that issue is a decrease in CELLULAR TURNOVER. Yup, that’s it. Although simple in its cause, the slow down of the skin’s natural exfoliation process manifests differently on different people. That is why each person shows their own distinctive signs of this same core issue.

Unhealthy skin is unhealthy skin.

By assisting and aiding the biological process of exfoliation, the cellular structure of the skin starts to heal, regenerate, and reorganize much like it did in your younger years when it was less reactive, and more luminous. Products like Retinaldehyde, AHAs, and BHA’s help to pick up the slack where your body left off.


So where does bio individuality come in?

It’s in how you APPLY the products.

Sensitive Skin needs to go slow and steady to help heal the unhealthy path it started to do down. This means using products like our Vital A Serum only two to three times a week, to gently work down to the healthy layers of skin just waiting to be unearthed.


Acneic Skin will typically need a combination of our Rejuvenating Swipes and Vital A Serum to fully do the job. Starting off slow and working your way through a detox period should be expected, but in no time the skin will get the picture and the pores will breathe easily again.


Aging Skin, depending on the severity, Vital A serum in conjunction with our Rejuvenating Swipes will consistently reorganize the cellular structure and help to produce more collagen stimulation than ever before.


So before buying into the idea that you need a million specialized products to have great skin, or you go looking for products based on the "skin type" you were labeled with 15 years ago, think about how to meet your skin's 3 basic needs first; 

  1. Exfoliation + Cellular Turnover
  2. Collagen + Elastin Stimulation  
  3. Skin Protection.

Your skin's needs are simple and direct, and with logic and our intelligently crafted, clinically-validated products, your answer to great skin is simple and straightforward.

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