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An Easy Recipe for Your Healthy Skin

by Christy Hall October 13, 2017

Photo Credit: Lindsay Pleskot (via huffintonpost.ca)As I have mentioned before, what we eat is as important to our skin's health as the skincare products we use. But sometimes with our busy lifestyles, preparing healthy meals can be a challenge. That's why I love finding articles like this one by Lindsay Pleskot, Registered Dietitian and blogger for Huffington [...]
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Help! I have acne!

by Christy Hall October 08, 2017

A happy customer after only 1 week on mikel kristi skin care products. Photo courtesy @purmettlehairAdult acne can be so frustrating. You thought you outgrew your acne in your teenage years, but it’s back! Here are some tips that can make dramatic changes in your skin health.Clean up your diet: Oily skin can be [...]
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Even Picture-Perfect Celebrities Can Struggle with Their Skin

by Christy Hall September 29, 2017

Alicia Keys has long suffered from adult acne. Source: howlifeworks.comMost of us at some point in our lives (perhaps even now) have struggled with challenges to the skin such as acne and eczema. The celebrities in this article surprisingly have had such struggles themselves. We're all human! Learn about Rejuvenating Swipes on our website to gain a distinct [...]
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Vitamin C Encapsulation

by Christy Hall September 26, 2017

The Science of Liposome EncapsulationReading a medical journal like the one published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information may seem dry to some. But, we get really excited about the science behind truly effective skin care. Our formulator has known for years about the effectiveness of encapsulating many of our active ingredients in liposomes [...]
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6 Fruits for Your Best Skin

by Christy Hall September 09, 2017

The 6 Fruits to Eat for Healthy SkinWe know that what we eat is as important to our skin's health as the skincare products we use. But sometime it can be difficult to know what choices to make. In this article from newbeauty.com, we were excited to see them inform their readers of the six [...]
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Two Symptoms of Dry Winter Skin

by Christy Hall February 18, 2017

Solutions for Dry Winter Skin Exercise: Regular exercise is even more important during the height of winter.If you are exercising outside in cold weather calm and protect your skin with Calendula Anti Inflammatory Moisturizer before applying sun screen. Please remember to apply sunscreen even when it’s cold, rainy and cloudy.Hydrate:Drink plenty of non-sugar liquids and moderate your caffiene [...]
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