Purifying Botanical Wash 120 ml

  • Purifying Botanical Wash 120ml

    Does your skin often look dehydrated and drained? Or do you often wake up to an oil slick and a few unhappy visitors such as breakouts and blemishes when the new day breaks?

    This is all part of the same annoying problem, and your only course of action is to detox the skin morning and night. Our Purifying Botanical Wash is the first step in washing those old problems right out of your life.

    This tireless cleanser is one part botanical based clarifier, one part skin soothing pacifier, and one part aromatic adventure thanks to its proprietary lemony herbal healing properties. Bacteria and dead skin don’t stand a chance when this lush foaming gel gets to work decongesting the skin with ease and aromatic enjoyment. This easily adored product will quickly become your step one staple to bookend your day with.

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