Bio Sculpt Firming Cream

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Expected release date is Mar 20th 2018

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After a year of clinical trials, testing and tweaking, this amazing product will soon be available here at our online store (est. mid-March). Pre-order today and it will be shipped as soon as it is available! Make sure you get yours before we run out of our first batch!

One of the potent active ingredients of this formula is the extract of leontopodic acid from the Edelweiss flower. It has potent firming actions on the skin with rich antioxidants that protects the DNA from environmental damage. It has a visible lifting action to the skin and recreates skin tension by restoring mitochondrial dyamism. We know, super high-tech! : ) And very effective.

Sorghum is an ancient grain from Africa which is known for being very drought resistant and the sustainable Polylols (sugar alcohols) which are found in the stalk form a network with skin proteins to induce an immediate and lasting tightening effect.

Of test subjects, 78% reported seeing immediate skin tightening and 20% reported wrinkle reduction within 5 minutes!


  • Leontopodic acid from the Edelweiss flower
    visible lifting and firming
  • Sorghum Polylols
    immediate and lasting skin tightening
  • Lonosome encapsulated L-ornithing (amino acid)
    creates a lipofilling action to plump the skin


Apply dime size about and massage firmly in an upward motion into next and chest area twice a day. Other possible areas of treatment include the nasolabial folds, crows feet and back of hands.

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