Loyalty Points Program Instructions

How does it work?

1. Access the Loyalty Program Widget
Click on the Rewards Program widget on the bottom of your screen, as seen in the images here. 

Mikel Kristi skincare Loyalty Rewards Program Widget Instructions for desktop and mobile

2. Create and account or log in to manage rewards within the widget.
Create a Mikel Kristi account or make sure you're logged in to your Mikel Kristi Account to see your rewards. 

Manage your Loyalty Rewards Points all within the widget. Use the menu in the top left corner of the widget to navigate the different sections of the loyalty program (as seen in the images below) 

3. View ways to earn and redemption options

4. Use referral link to give and receive your $25 gift!

4. Redeem Points with your unique discount code.
Select Rewards info in the drop down menu to see your reward eligibility and select your reward. You will be emailed a unique discount voucher to be redeemed at checkout. 

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