Three Steps Away From Incredible Skin

by Christy Hall May 17, 2019

Three Steps Away From Incredible Skin

Just 3 Steps A Day For Healthy, Radiant Skin.

With all of the conflicting skin care information out there, it is easy to get led astray when it comes to the who, what, when, where, and hows of having radiant, timeless skin. And it’s even harder to discriminate what top issues to pay attention, particularly when your skin is in an unhealthy state, or you’re facing skin concerns like acne, sensitivity, and/or signs of premature aging.

We've decided to break it down for you here at Mikel Kristi, and give you the inside scoop on the top 3 things to pay attention to when considering your skincare needs. Lucky for all of us, these basic skincare needs are exactly the same for everyone, no matter what skin type or condition you are labeled with. Of course, how you go about addressing these needs may differ slightly, but the core principles that lead to healthy skin function are the exact same.  

Need #1


We put this need at the top of the list for a number of reasons. First, it seems to be the least exciting step in a skincare routine, but a vital one nonetheless. In our award winning medical aesthetics clinic, we’re constantly pushing our patients to adhere to this number one rule, USE SUN PROTECTION EVERY DAY! It doesn’t matter how much work you put into your skin with lasers, injections, or meticulous skincare, if you are not protecting your skin from the sun’s rays ON A DAILY BASIS, you are doing your whole body a disservice.

Here’s what you need to know about using sun protection:

  • You just need to do it, and reapply. With the popularity of mineral makeup this process is easier than ever.
  • Stick with sun protection products that contain a physical block like Zinc Oxide, as opposed to one with chemical components. This natural mineral is wonderfully healing to the skin, without the potential side effects chemical sunblocks can have on our endocrine system, and the earth’s ecosystem as a whole.

Need #2


As we age, the cellular turnover in our whole body slows down. We can see the evidence of this on our skin, every day. The tell-tale signs that your skin needs to amp up its vital process are;

  • Lackluster, dull, or tired appearance
  • Flaky, ruddy skin texture
  • Blotchy skin tone
Additionally, as we get older, we have to attend to this biological mechanism even more diligently to keep up with the hands of Father Time.

Your best bet is to use a few different means to get your cell turnover in top shape, and we have just the right combination of products to help you renew  youthful skin function. 

  • Our Rejuvinationg Swipeshave a potent blend of 10 incredible essential oils that quickly, and aromatically, wipe away dead skin cells to reveal the luminous tone waiting beneath. Using Rejuvenating Swipes as means to exfoliate, rather than harsh physical products (ie: scrubs, grains, and rough washcloths), you’ll enjoy beautifully even exfoliation without irritating the delicate facial skin.
  • Next, to really turn up the volume on the skin renewal process, look to none other than our best selling Vital A Rejuvenating Serum. When applied in the evening, this incredible form of Vitamin A works to restructure and organize your cells at a deep dermal level, so the exfoliation process is easier and more evenly distributed. Over time, you wake up to consistently healthier skin, with less fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. 

A note about need #1... 
When you have the cell turnover of a younger person, it means you have the environmental vulnerability of a younger person too. This means sunblock is a MUST when using products containing Vitamin A, or that stimulate rapid cell turnover. You wouldn't put a baby in the sun with no protection, right? Then why put your baby cells out in the world unprotected?

Need #3


Last, but certainly not least, is the ever important issue of collagen production. This issue isn’t just for those who want to get a jump on their anti-aging routine.

  • Epidermal repair on all levels can be attributed to this protein.
  • Those with acneic skin, as well as those suffering from sensitivity and rosacea, have a greater need for collagen production, to strengthen skin structure and help fully heal these troublesome skin issues.
  • Our Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serumis THE product to use to help amp up your skin’s natural rejuvenation properties. The natural growth factors and bio peptides in this product are essential to enhanced collagen production.This must-have favorite product is often referred to by our clientele as “photoshop in a bottle” due to its miraculous effects on the texture of the skin.


So there are your top steps to creating healthy, luminous skin at any age, and with any skin condition. By attending to the essential skin trifecta of sun protection, cellular turnover, and collagen production everyday, you can walk into the world knowing your skin health is covered in three easy steps!


 Weekly Video Tips 

At Mikel Kristi we don't refer to your skin as having "skin types," everyone's skin has the same three basic needs;

Cell Turnover, Collagen Stimulation, and Sun Protection. 




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